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About Skatval War Museum

Skatval War Museum is a privately owned museum located on Håmmårsbukta outdoor recreation area at Skatval. The museum is housed in the former Trøndelag Maritime Defense District ammunition store, Steinvik Lager, originally built by Organization Todt (OT) during the last world war. The facility was built as an ammunition store in connection with the German Kriegsmarinens submarine base Dora at Nyhavna in Trondheim.

The Museum has a rich collection of both small and large objects, uniforms, documents and pictures that illustrate and actualize activities and drama that took place in the area around the inner part of the Trondheim Fjord and especially the Åsenfjord during World War II. The German battleship Tirpitz was moored close by, and almost all of the German navy fleet lay here for an extended period. The Royal Air Force's (RAF) efforts to obliterate the Navy, and the Occupation Force's efforts to defend its occupied territory, have left its mark in the form of many established defense facilities, quantities of abandoned equipment and objects, dramatic stories and memories.

The museum itself is located inside one of the bunkers built by the German occupying forces, and the room itself provides an authentic atmosphere and special experience for the visitors.


Signed "Håmmårsbukta Friluftsområde" from E6. Parking at the gate to Håmmårsbukta. From there 500 meters walk west (direction Steinvikholm castle) to the museum. The museum is open to the public on announced days, see the museum's facebook page: Skatval Krigshistoriske Museum.

It is also possible to book a group tour outside of advertised days.

Open museum 2024:

Sunday 26 May 12:00 PM - 04:00 PM (season opening!)

Sunday 2 June 12:00 PM - 04:00 PM 

Gunnar Bremset

Mob: 958 33 548


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